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Behaviour Guide
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This one of a kind book is a must-have for any parent that has felt overwhelmed, confused about if they're being too harsh or too permissive or in need of reassurance.

This Q& A Guide contains Support from over 15 leading Conscious Parenting Coaches, all of whom are working to help you tackle some of the most common challenges parents of 2-7-year-olds face. In the book we cover:

✔ How to find peace at the dinner table. No more wars over vegetables or sweets.

✔ How to turn Morning Mayhem into one of the most connected times of the day.

✔ Tackling sibling rivalry with tips on how to support your kids to become a team.

✔ Peaceful shopping. We cover how to tame the whining, begging and all-out tantrums at the store.

✔ What to do when kids lie.

✔ How to move from mean words to compassion and understanding

✔ Tackling chores as a family ( So you can stop feeling like the only one that does the chores).

✔ What to do when saying goodnight is hard ( or near impossible)

✔ Taming the Runner - Support kids to feel more independent while staying close to you when you're out and about.

✔ What to do when kits hit or hurt others.

✔ Stop tantrums in their tracks.