Learning to Parent with Connection is the Key to Getting Kids to Listen Without Bribes, Threats or  Punishment…and it’s ONLY attainable through the Connected Parent Toolkit.


Learning how to help your child process their emotions is the KEY to creating a calmer family (without you losing your sanity!).
This program also comes with  3 FREE Bonuses to support you along your parenting journey.

✔ The “5 Steps To Effective Guidance” book, where you will learn the secret to effective guidance. (Value: £49)

✔ The Emotional Mastery book- Learn how to deactivate your own triggers and keep your cool in the heat of the moment. The best way to teach your kids emotional mastery is to model it. (Value: £57)

✔ The Behaviour Guide For Little Ones – We have you covered from morning mayhem, food fights, bath time shenanigans, bedtime wars, car park runaways, public meltdowns and more! (Value: £49)

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Introduction
Welcome! Let’s Get Started 00:00:00
Course WorkBook 00:00:00
Brain States
Brain States 00:00:00
Emotional Triggers 00:00:00
Free Bonus – What to Do When Your Kids Push Your Buttons 00:00:00
Finding The Right Brain State
Communication Types 00:00:00
Hard Wired For Connection
Ways We Respond 00:00:00
FREE Bonus – The Science of Effective Parenting 00:00:00
Communicate To Connect
Validating Feelings 00:00:00
Finding Solutions Together 00:00:00
FREE Resource – How to Tame Tantrums From Toddlers to Teens 00:00:00
FREE Resource – Emotional Mastery for Families 00:00:00
5 Steps to Effective Guidance 00:00:00
Emotional Mastery 00:00:00
Behaviour Guide 00:00:00
Ongoing Support
Invitation to FireSide Talks 00:00:00
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